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April 1, 2015

Taking Root in Eating Healthy by Lexi Payumo


If you just started your yoga practice, then maybe you’re familiar with the feeling of suddenly wanting to eat light and healthy. Or maybe it’s just me. I remember coming across this new eating “feeling” when I first started yoga. It was different from the pre-cardio work out when you stock up on carbs. Or the post-weights work out when your body craves for protein. This post-yoga feeling is different and called for lighter, whole, and fresher food.


Is it from all the chaturanggas and arm balances that I chose to eat better so my body feels stronger? Maybe. Is it from inversions that I choose to eat lighter so I can carry my weight better? Perhaps. Whatever the reason, scientific or yoga-explained, I thank my yoga practice for making me more conscious about the stuff I put in my body. We are after all, what we eat.

we are what we eat_2x1

On days when I’m depleted halfway through the day and I need something to pick me up, I’m thankful for the healthy alternatives out there. Sure there’s fruit and veggie sticks, but I think we can all attest to the fact that they just don’t give you the same satisfaction after a while. But fear not, there’s a tasty snack that’s healthy, good for you, and doesn’t make you feel guilty or heavy even after a whole bag. Plus, locally made and sourced. Meet Take Root’s Kale Chips!


If you’ve never heard of kale before, it’s a dark leafy green originally from Europe, known for its high levels of vitamins C, K, and Iron, and is one of the highest nutrient-rich super foods ever discovered to date. Now readily available and grown locally in the Philippines, it’s experienced a huge surge in popularity in the last 2 years.

In order to be made into crispy, delicious chips, the kale undergoes a lengthy dehydration process to remove moisture but preserve all the essential nutrients. Entirely different from baking or cooking. dehydration keeps it in its raw form so all its nutrients are still alive and in tact. Thus your body is able to immediately absorb all the living nutritional benefits of the raw leaf.


Now that we know how good they are for you, how do these now famous kale chips actually taste? Think lightness and crispness of a Lay’s potato chip but with the unique and bold flavors of Doritos. No kidding. Ask any of their 4,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram and they’ll tell you how delicious and addicting they are.


Take Root’s Kale Chips go through a 12-hour process of massaging its homemade flavoring (made of tree nuts, bell peppers, herbs, spices, and sea salt) on to the leaf, and take a few more hours in the dehydrator. Once ready, they are a beautifully hand-painted, crispy leaf ready to be popped in your mouth. Note: they’re known to leave a trail of leaf-crumbs, so make sure to check your mouth and clothing after wolfing down the whole bag.


They currently have 6 flavors. Their best-sellers are Vegan Cheeze and Sour Kreme & Chive, and have just come up with Garlic Bread and Margherita Pizza. For the sweet tooth, they have Mylk Chokalet and Spicy Dark Chokalet – all vegan and gluten free.


But wait, there’s more. If chips don’t cut it for you, they have a brand new product similar to the Filipino’s favorite pork skin snack chicharon. Made with cauliflower and lots of garlic – both powerful anticancer foods – Cauli Chicharon is dehydrated the right amount for that big crunch and crackle. It’s best dunked in a bowl of vinegar, garlic, and pepper, just like classic chicharon.

Last but not the least, for those craving a sweet fix, Take Root also makes Bliss Balls. They look, taste, and feel like Dunkin Donuts’ Munchkins without it being deep fried in oil. They’re made with coconut flour, dates, agave nectar, cinnamon, and sea salt and come in Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter flavors. They’re a great source of quick fix energy too.

Bliss balls

The girls behind Take Root, are Monica Mendiola and my sister Aileen Payumo-Whisnant. They actually lived parallel lives in New York without knowing each other. They were both there for 10 years and coincidentally contracted similar immune illnesses that forced them to eat clean and live more balanced and healthy lives. Take Root is an advocacy of theirs to eat more healthily and consciously without sacrificing taste, texture, or enjoyment. They hope to bring this way of happy and healthy eating to the Filipinos who love to eat.


So the next time you get the munchies and are thinking of what to snack on, do yourself a favor and reach for something good for you. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Take root  in healthier choices, not just today, but every day.



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*They deliver anywhere in the Philippines!




By Lexi Payumo

Yoga Teacher