September 24, 2015

Misunderstandings, Poetry by Bernice Mathay


Sit down and pull yourself together,

or apart.


Whichever we choose,

is the least of our worries


when we are the container.


And the pieces will fit and fall

where they are meant.



A shapeless capacity

in our perfectly designed

bodies, an embodied soul

a bountiful volume of being,

and sentience within this skin.


To live each day

As a harmless human being

means, what does it mean?

to be so completely



What if they weren’t letting us in?

What if we were pulling them out?

What if getting to know

ourselves, on the inside

meant reaching across

and assimilating their truths

and together we create this



This “thing”


from our containers

to crack the code

of humanity

and exist

without disagreeing.


This “thing”

This gift of connection,

and understanding,

when two, or more


lie exposed.


This “thing”



ready to burn

for the world, or blow it up

pleading us to be careful

with this new container.


We disguise our words in metaphor.

The art of language,

the meaning we give to words,

the feelings we attach to it,

the clarity that is lost

somewhere through different levels

of comprehension.

Neither lost in translation,

nor action

but filtered through our own experience

of what it’s like to be hurt,

our truth surrendered,

then be accused of this

“You do not understand.”


Begging you to please,


Begging you “please.”
Oh, how these words hurt

when I am trying,


to file away my thinking,

my pride, aching

to walk out that door,

or climb out the window,

in search of Something Else

that can

so I can

stop blaming myself.


Make space,

so that there is space

to be all that you need to be


and reveal your mysteries

while being able to confront

the realities of those around you.

To sink into the synchronicity

of our incongruent lives

begins with the recognition

that we cannot, why will we?

get rid of each other.

That we are equivalent,

neither above

nor below each other.


That all this is,

a cry for attention

and the laws of attraction

are not selective, but magnetic

and we need each other

without knowing

if we only paid attention

to the two, or more


who were there to teach

at the exact moment we didn’t listen.


So out of desperation,

to cure the dissatisfaction

that has been denied,

Instead they weep

for our pain,

because they know

us, on the inside out

because it was they who invited us

to this place

that never gave out any invitations,

and eventually,

lured into their own


they choose

to uninvite themselves

and return to their

healing process.


I am amazed by how much our hearts can hold,

Before it breaks,

At the amount of miracles it can make,

Before lives are taken,


The sound the universe makes when it answers our prayers.


Remember that the tears have somewhere to go,

between these bodies of water.


We make space for each other.

We make new containers.





Bernice is a hoop dancer and an advocate of flow arts and other forms of movement meditation, such as yoga and dance. She’s been teaching kids for 6 years, while rediscovering life through their eyes. She practices yin yoga regularly. Bernice is also an independent writer inspired by magic realism and the magical in every moment.  She writes to understand herself and make connections with other people.