Good Eats
June 10, 2015

Healthy Eats by Chef/Yogini Tricia Ignacio-Fragante


Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring! Most of the time people think that when you eat healthy dishes food is tasteless and boring, little do they know that you can flavor your dishes with herbs and spices to give it extra layer of flavor without adding calories and depriving yourselves from eating food packed with flavors.

I started practicing yoga at Urban Ashram the year they opened, during that time I thought that by practicing yoga regularly I will be able to lose weight. I am a chef and caterer by profession that’s why I have to try different dishes everyday. This made it a little harder for me to watch what I eat. Until one day, I decided to take note of the food that I ate for the day and I ate less meat. I am blessed that I know what herbs and spices to use to make the dishes that I made flavorful. After doing this for 2 weeks, I felt lighter and I found myself not craving for meat. I was able to maintain this kind of attitude towards food until now. There are days when I would crave for desserts or sweets, I would try a little so I won’t feel deprived. Proper and balance diet and regular yoga practice made my practice become more stronger. It is also now that I realized that it’s not only about losing weight, but gaining strength both physically and mentally to maintain proper eating habits and a regular yoga practice.

Try these healthy and low fat recipes and enjoy eating without the guilt knocking on your door!


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(Food Photos credit to Tricia’s GIFT Culinary Arts Class in St. Paul College, Pasig)

Tricia_spinach artichoke dip  Tricia_vegeablechowder

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by Tricia Ignacio- Fragante

Tricia is a chef and caterer by profession. She also teaches culinary in St. Paul College. For inquiries on her catering services, you may email at