April 1, 2015

Gazing Differently by Anika Ventura


 “Art washes away from the soul the everyday dust of life.”

– Pablo Picasso

How does a man snorkel through the woods? Surfers tread over the clouds? Or a swimmer sink through the sky? With an affinity for the outdoors, Arturo “Arts” Enriquez’s images of dual dimensions, twisted landscapes, and inverted worlds show that sometimes, upside down is better than right side up.




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Tell us more about yourself. 

I’m currently at my last term in DLSU (Behavioral Science). I love playing outside, I wouldn’t last a week without running. I used to play for the DLSU football team until my term ended and now play Ultimate Frisbee. But aside from playing sports, I am also into photography and shooting videos.

Tell us more about your art. 

My work is all about story telling, I try my best to express myself and/or tell a friend’s or my story in one photo. I try to at least make one photo per day because random things pop out of my head and that really helps to keep me sane. 

Where can your art mainly be seen? 

I usually post my stuff on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and Behance.* Everything you see in my pages are made by me. 

The quote “I don’t care, I’m just inspired” accompanies your online work. Expound on this and what it means for you as an artist and/or an athlete. 

It’s just like saying, “just do your thing,” “just do it.” It’s about being out there and being less insecure.

Your work usually features elements of the outdoors (beaches, mountains, trees, water). Where are your favorite outdoor spots?

Sagada, Mt. Pulag, and Coron

Another recurring theme in your work is a distortion of reality. What inspired this style? 

Lets just say that it is a form of escape 

Best thing about being an artist? 

You get to see things in a different perspective

Best thing about being an athlete? 

You get to think under pressure, and you get to have a sense of urgency plus the discipline

What are your hopes for yourself 5 years from now?

I’d probably have my best travel portfolio by that time

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Anika Ventura