November 30, 2015

Bringing Lines to Life, An Interview with Kish Javier


Kish Javier has lived the life of a musician, made a detour into the corporate world, before finally realizing that his true passion is, in his own humble words, “creating stuff” – from wire sculptures and trinkets for Kartwheel Creations, to music with his bands Sunflower Day Camp and FreeFish, to all sorts of stuff like lamps, skateboards, bags, and bonsai. Meet the maker that can turn simple lines of metal into playful pieces of life:

Tell us more about yourself, your art, and Kartwheel Creations. What kind of art pieces do you create?

In 2011, stumbled upon wire sculpting and i have been doing that ever since. during my breaks from wire sculpting, i play with other materials like wood, clay, and resin and try to develop new things like trinkets and home decors. eventually, i separated my wire art from my crafty side… they became “Kish Javier, wire Sculptures” and “Kartwheel Creations”



 Kish’s craftier side can be seen in his trinkets and mini sculptures for Kartwheel Creations 


Wire seems to be your primary medium. What do you like about working with it? What other media do you like to work with?

I got interested with wire when I saw a wire art piece in an exhibit back in 2011. The idea that a strand of wire could be transformed into something other than just clothesline really got me, so I have been experimenting/playing with wire ever since. I just love to see something so linear become something complex and engaging. Aside from wire, I also play with materials like clay, wood, metal, and resin.


Creating something beautiful and alive out of simple, often overlooked material is Kish’s forte.
Pera sa Basura
wire, wood, and resin

What are your favorite themes or scenes to sculpt?
My favorite subjects are kids and trees. They remind me of a time in my life when I was still happily carefree and in tune with our mother earth.


A playful imagination helps Kish turn heavy material into a lighthearted art piece.

Space Shuttle

wire, wood, and resin

Where do you hope to see, or what do you hope to be doing with Kartwheel Creations 5 years from now?

I want to surround myself and Kartwheel Creations with artistic and crafty people. I want a “creative environment” that would inspire me everyday to just create and create and create stuff.

There’s always an element of play and fun Kish’s work, seen in this frame for Kartwheel Creations.


Kish Javier can most often be found at the 10A Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair selling his trinkets for Kartwheel Creations. He has exhibited his personal work in 2013 for “Alay Sining 6: Art with a Heart” for the Rotary Club of Makati West. He also creates pieces on commission. You may view his art pieces at and


Tami 3x3

Interview By Tami Ledesma

Tami is a Barre 3, vinyasa and yin yoga teacher. She loves to travel, appreciates good art, inspired with movement and still hungry to learn. She finished her Yoga Therapeutic training with Leslie Kazadi. Click here to follow her on Instagram