Perspective of a Yogi
March 9, 2015

Becoming Yogi by Lasse Holopainen


It took me awhile to think myself as a yogi. A few years into my practice and I still had this lingering doubt whether I actually was one. Over time, as things happened in my life and practice, I began to learn that mastery of Asana (posture) can only, at best, be fleeting, but it is important to pursue it for what it is— the gateway to a life practice.


An asana yoga practice addresses the first limitation on your life, and that is your lifespan and the quality thereof. Over centuries and especially in the last few decades, asana, along with associated yogic practices of Pranayama (energy extension), Kriya (adopting regular maintenance habits such as oil pulling, etc.), and meditation, have allowed countless yoga practicioners to live full, healthy and happy lives.


As a student of Yoga, you will slowly begin to realize tha Yoga is the study and maximization of human potential. Your human potential. And what better thing to study?

MAXIMIZE_2x1So this year, I am inviting you to join me in resolving to be a yogi. A student of yoga rather than a master. Responding to situations rather than reacting, and finding stillness as the world rages around you. When presented a choice, choose the path of least harm, it’s really not that difficult. Practice until your body is robust, strong and supple, knowing that as you dissolve its limits you dissolve those on your mind and spirit.

CHOOSE THE PATH_2x1Dream of the future but live in the now, and in the quiet of your mind, you will find a state of grace.



Bowing to truth and light within all of you, namaste!

Lasse Holopainen 

Yoga Teacher